This is a Pole to fix a Sanitisation unit to.  You have to purchase the Sanitiser dispenser seper..
1000ml Touchless Dispenser • Suitable for Soap and Sanitizer • It can be used by mounting on the ..
Westomatic Primo Bean to cup Touch and Maxi (Button machine) The Primo Touch is the perfect tablet..
The New Krea Touch Well what can we say this is a great machine. The Krea Touch is an elegant mode..
Rheavendor LaRhea Grande V2 LaRhea Grande V2 is the new, high-end range of coffee machines. The LaR..
Prestige speculoo biscuits coffee biscuits taste great and are extremely popular with our hotel, hai..
Sucra Plus 1000 sticks. Used for sweetening coffee and other hot drinks. A low calorie sweetener mad..
1000 sugar sticks. Used for sweetening coffee and other hot drinks   ..
Ferrari's decaffeinated 250g pre ground coffee  All our decaffeinated coffees are water flushed a..
Roma 1760 an amazing blend of coffee 70/30. This is an Italian coffee which rich fruity tones and fa..
Albertina Hot Chocolate, this is a deliciouse Italina Hot Chocolate. This is perfect for people whom..
Origin Meaning caramelized sugar, caramel is made by melting sugar in water to create a rich, sweet..
Poldermill 250g Chocolate Shaker, perfect to sprinkle on top of hot chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes, ..
Kaldi 850 Coffee Beans. These are very smooth and perfect for the coffee lover whom appreciates a sm..
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