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10 x 10in recycled white kraft flat bag -1000 pk

Classic style! Recycled kraft flat bags with a clear window made from NatureFlex, a home compostable..


4oz brown kraft hot cup

Our 4oz eco chic brown kraft cups are lined with plant-based PLA, not plastic and are completely com..


6.5in compostable CPLA fork

A Vegware innovation! Certified compostable cutlery suitable for food waste recycling. Sleek and sty..


6.5in recycled compostable RCPLA fork

The result of 2 years R&D, the cutlery is made of recycled plant-based PLA and is super low carbon! ..


62mm CPLA hot cup lid (fits 4oz cup)

A Vegware innovation! This is the only compostable 62mm lid to fit 4oz hot cups on the market. As we..


6in bagasse plate

Meet our 6in plate - the ideal size for a side salad or light bite. Sturdy, stylish and good for hot..


6in heart palm dish

We LOVE this 6-inch heart-shaped dish! It's perfect for canapes at eco weddings, children's birthday..


6in heavy weight bagasse burger box

Thicker for premium feel and insulation. Sturdy, stylish, good for hot or cold. Microwave and freeze..


6in palm soup bowl

Ultimate eco chic, premium feel. Sturdy, suitable for a huge variety of hot, wet and oily foods. Ver..


6oz soup container

The smallest member of the soup container family. Perfect for trade-show tastings, or for small port..


6oz soup container - Tasting Notes

Part of the Tasting Notes collection - a colourful collection of quality eco packaging to bring stre..


8in square source-reduced bagasse lunch box

Less material but still a great sturdy product. Sturdy, stylish, good for hot or cold. Microwave and..


8oz double wall brown kraft cup

A Vegware innovation! The greenest insulated hot cup on the market. Lined with plant-based PLA, not ..


90mm dome PLA cold lid(6-10oz soup containers)

A Vegware innovation! The first compostable clear domed lid for our 6-10oz soup containers! This dom..


90mm flat CPLA lid (fits 6-10oz soup containers)

Improved soup lids with a sleek new design and clearer messaging. A tight fit and great heat resista..


CE-marked PLA half pint cup

Plain clear cup, CE-marked for legal measures of free-poured drinks. ..


Compostable cutlery kit

The perfect accessory for any picnic! Our 6.5-inch compostable knife, fork, spoon and white napkin c..


Kraft tortilla / wrap box -500 pk

The wrap has become an essential part of any takeaway sandwich offering.Our clear compostable window..


Large sleeve (fits 10 - 20oz cup) -2000 pk

Clutch, sleeve, whatever you want to call it, this compostable accessory to the hot cups offers extr..


Medium compostable carrier bag

Sturdy carrier bag ideal for groceries or eco gifts, and for reuse as a food waste liner. The print ..


Pizza slice tray

For single servings of pizza, our pizza slice trays are the eco solution. Like all Vegware paper pro..


Single 38mm kraft sandwich wedge -500 pk

The sandwich wedge with an eco edge! Completely compostable - even the clear window is made of plant..