2-ply unbleached napkins

2-ply unbleached napkins

Our unbleached square napkins are 2-ply and have a lovely soft feel to them. The natural colour has a soft brown hue. Choose from cocktail, standard or large. The final size is half that listed below - e.g. the 33cm standard napkin comes out as a 16.5cm square.

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24cm 2-ply unbleached napkin

Eco-friendly unbleached napkins made from recycled fibre. Lovely soft feel, practical and absorbant...

£75.54 Ex Tax: £62.95

33cm 2-ply unbleached napkin

Our most popular 2-ply size, the 33cm is both strong and durable and perfect for all associated napk..

£75.83 Ex Tax: £63.20

40cm 2-ply unbleached napkin

Our largest size of 2-ply napkin, the 40cm is large and strong and offers a greater surface area for..

£55.07 Ex Tax: £45.89