Portion pots

Portion pots
  • made from plant-based PLA or recycled sugarcane
  • light and strong
  • safe and non-toxic
  • PLA pots perfect for foods up to 40C
  • bagasse pots perfect for hot food 
  • commercially compostable

Vegware's PLA portion pots contains 79% less embodied carbon than plastic. Choose your size from 0.5oz to 4oz. Made from recyced sugarcane, they're perfect for hot dips and sauces. 

Choose your lids separately. We have two PLA lids - one for 0.5 and 1oz portion pots, and one for 2 - 4oz portion pots. We also have a bagasse lid, suitable for our 4oz bagasse portion pots.

Our smallest pots and lid combinations come in 0.5oz and 1oz (sharing a lid), and 2oz, 3oz and 4oz sizes (sharing another lid). Ideal for takeaway dressings, dips, mini salads or jelly. Please note that lids are sold seperately. 

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PLA portion pot lid (fits 2-4oz pots)

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