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Intenso Decaf Coffee Beans

Lives up to the name. It is has a full bodied flavor, but not bitter as some espresso blends. This i..


Albertina Hot Chocolate- Vegan

Albertina Hot Chocolate, this is a deliciouse Italina Hot Chocolate. This is perfect for people whom..


Almond syrup

Origin The almond is the fruit of the almond tree famous for bearing fragrant pink and white flower..


Amaretto syrup

Origin MONIN Amaretto syrup is based on the classic Italian sweet, almond-flavoured liqueur.  Chara..


Black Forest syrup

Origin The Black Forest Gateau gets its name, not as you might expect from the wooded mountain rang..


Blackberry syrup

Origin One of the scents of summer, Blackberry is a popular flavour, used to make the classic french..


Blue Mountain Filter 50 x 50g

Strong, full-bodied filter coffee which is blended from Central American Arabicas. This is packag..


Blue Mountain Filter 50 x 60g

Strong, full-bodied filter coffee which is blended from Central American Arabicas. This is packag..


Butterscotch syrup

Origin Based on the popular, classic confectionery and well-known liqueur, MONIN Butterscotch syrup..


Caramel syrup

Origin Meaning caramelized sugar, caramel is made by melting sugar in water to create a rich, sweet..


Chocolate syrup

Origin A classic cocktail flavour, MONIN Chocolate syrup delivers the comforting, luxurious taste of..


Cinnamon syrup

Origin This fragrant spice flavour evokes dreams of hot cinnamon rolls from the oven. Derived from..


Coconut syrup

Origin The nut from the coconut palm tree, the coconut is native to more than 80 tropical and sub-t..


Green Mint syrup

Origin One of the most popular flavours in France, MONIN Green Mint syrup is used to make the refre..


Hazelnut syrup

Origin One of the top three speciality coffee flavours, along with vanilla and caramel, MONIN Hazel..


Kaldi 850 100% Arabica

Kaldi 850 Coffee Beans. These are very smooth and perfect for the coffee lover whom appreciates a sm..


Maple Spice syrup

Origin As winter melts into spring, maple sap begins to flow. Deriving from the maple sap, maple sy..


Poldermill 250g Chocolate Shaker

Poldermill 250g Chocolate Shaker, perfect to sprinkle on top of hot chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes, ..


Pumpkin Spice syrup

Origin MONIN Pumpkin Spice syrup balances the comforting flavour of pumpkin with bold cinnamon an..


Raspberry syrup

Origin A fragile, soft fruit that doesn’t travel well, the exquisite red berry flavour of raspberry ..


Roma 1760 Coffee Beans

Roma 1760 an amazing blend of coffee 70/30. This is an Italian coffee which rich fruity tones and fa..